Saturday, December 12, 2015

Holiday Candles with Animated Flames by OM

Lighthouse - No CC by Tanitas8

Cool Librarian Top for Females by Unbichobolita

Open Pantry Shelves - Fridge by Teanmoon

Play Suit in 18 Colors for Females by BEO

Two Fires by Plasticbox

Crush Hair for Females by Leah Lillith

My Fashion Space Part 2 & 3 by pqsim4


MJ95's Madlen Casoria Shoes

Malorie Hair Converted for Females by WildlyMiniatureSandwich

Christmas Gifts by Ladesire

Curtains by Oldbox

Interaction Queue Increased to Ten by szielins

Increases the maximum value of the interaction queue from six to ten. For 1.13.104, tested on Windows version ( and Mac (

As morgade said many moons ago:

This mod replaces the following xml resource and will conflict with any mods that touches it:
0xB61DE6B4-0x00000000-0x0000000000003A75 ("sim_object" object instance, tunable "max_interactions")

There are more interesting tuning options in this xml, so please be aware that it is likely that some other mods using it will be made.

(Incidentally, I tried tuning max_interactions up above ten. That didn't do anything more, so ten it is.)

Behr Marquee Wallpaper by HamburgerCakes

Get Together Hair Recolors for Males & Females

Accessory Fur Jackets by Marigold


Snow Glow Trio Skin for Males & Females by LexiconLuthor

No Fade Fix by ConceptDesign97Sims

Maternity Tops and Bottoms by SNW