Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year

Have a safe and Happy New Year

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Midnight Kiss Dress Collection for Adult & Elder Females by Inabadromance

NotEgain Lucky Hair for Male & Females

Corporate Chic Counter and Island Recolors in Rich, Soft, Neutral by SaudadeSims

Layered Sweater Mini Dress by NyGirl

Maid & Mailman No 'Fake' Actions by Shimrod101

This mod eliminates the 'fake actions' from the Maid and Mailman where they don't actually show up but the message is received that the mail was delivered, house was cleaned, or whatever. The maid and mailman will show up always when using this mod; if your sims are not home, they wait until someone is home.

Mailman: The mailman's working hours are set from 8am to 10am, so they are required to show up early in the morning. The bills are almost always delivered shortly after 8 on Tuesday in my current game, but the mailcarrier sometimes skips this day and appears with the bills on Wednesday. The mailcarrier is not required to show up or walk past your house every day, but they should show up every day if they have stuff to deliver.

The mailman is enabled 7 days a week, if all your sims are at work early in the morning from Monday through Saturday so no one is ever home, the mailcarrier will deliver the bills on Sunday (last day of the week).

Maid: The maid's working hours are lenghtened until late at night, so the one-shot maid will function similar to the Pizza Delivery; when you call on the phone at 12 noon or 4pm or 9 in the evening or 2am (or whenever) the maid will arrive around 10 minutes afterwards; there is no message that the maid will arrive tomorrow morning. At approximately 4am in the middle of the night is too late to call; they will then wait for the morning and appear shortly after 7am.

The permanent maid will arrive shortly after 7am every day, 7 days a week are also enabled on the maids. I have set this so early so that the maid can arrive at the home before everyone goes to work or school, in most cases. If no one is home at 7am, the maid will appear shortly after someone arrives back home and the lot is active, regardless of whether this is at 12 noon or 4pm or 9 in the evening.

Alesso Aurora Hair for Females

Steve7859's Recolors of Maxis Easel - Bright Colors by Stephen7859

Caution: Users Reporting Fraudulent Charges on Origin

Venture Beat reports that a significant amount of Reddit Users have had their accounts compromised and fraudulent charges are being made to their accounts. If you have an Origin account, now is the time to change passwords, remove payment methods, and take steps to prevent unauthorized use of your account.

EA has not yet publicly acknowledged that any sensitive information has been compromised by hackers, but it would be in your best interest to takes some steps to ensure you are not the victim of a hacking spree.

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Cottage Bedroom Recolors by Christine

MFS Lace Romper

Punch Em Up! Redesigned punching bag by hydramordor

Dream Dusk Earrings by Kalilies

Modern Windows and Doors by Morgana14

Accessory Jeans with Stockings by Annett

Newsea Night Bloom and Isabel Hair for Females


Snow Terrain Paint by orangesmasher221

Cut off Tees for Females by Unbichobolita

Septum Piercing for Males & Females by MichaelaP

Wallpaper by ItsJustAnotherSimBlog

Jeans Shorts and Crop Top Outfit for Females by XPureSim

Rainbow Overalls and Dress for Girls by MoraSims

Butterflysims 099 Hair for Females