Saturday, January 23, 2016

NynaeveDesign's Sonic Kitchen

Harvestable Orange Tree by Plasticbox

EditSim Hair 1 in Pooklet Colors for Females

Old West Stuff by WSims

Dresses by NyGirl


Desert Flower House by Tanitas8

14 Retro Wall Clocks by nafSims

Stealthic Envy Hair for Females

Cherry Pie by Plasticbox

Messenger Bag for Males by Marigold

Sweater in 82 Recolors by LeeleeSims1

Silly Trait by Peterskywalker!

Silly sims are often playful, and love to mess around and act funny. They gain friendships easily because they are so fun to be around, and love to be around playful/funny sims. Unfortunately, silly sims are constantly in need of fun, and find focusing decor, and serious sims boring. Silly sims also gain certain mental skills slower, finding them tedious as well.

Here are the details of the silly trait
Gain comedy, mischief, Video Gaming, and Child motor skill at 1.4 times the regular rate
Gain welness, rocket science, programming, logic, and child mental skill at .7 times the rate
Gain friendship relationship and mischief relationship at 1.3 times the regular rate
Fun decays at 1.6 times the regular rate but also increases faster from interactions
All focusing decor gives off a bored environment moodlet

Furthermore, silly sims occasionally gain one of two buffs randomly
Feeling Playful: Gives sims a +1 playful moodlet and temporary increases friendship and mischief relationship gain to 1.6 (3 times as likely to gain this moodlet over the second one)
Feeling Super Playful!: Grants a +2 playful moodlet and temporary increases Child motor, comedy, mischief, and video game skills to 2 times the normal rate

Giuseppe Zanotti Sculpted Wedge Sandals and YSL Tribtoo 160mm Pumps by MrAntonieddu


Homework Fix by scumbumbo

It used to be just teens who left homework lying around all the time, but now the children do too! EAxis added code to the homework actions which was designed to cause sims leave items on a surface (desk or table) when their next action was compatible with staying at that surface UNLESS they were in a cafe.

Unfortunately, that means the sim would leave their homework lying there when they did finally decide to leave the table or desk. Also, if they were doing homework anywhere else (not a surface) the sim would reset and drop the homework at their feet. Rather than trying to fix this "feature" I thought it best to just take it out, and that seems to work well.

This mod removes that code from all homework actions for both child and teen sims, and instead restores the old default of "just pick your damned homework up" all the time. Of course, this doesn't always work, because this is The Sims 4 - but it works far more reliably (100% in testing, but odds are it won't work everytime).

Shabby Chic Style Kitchen by pqsim4

Bantu Knot & Low Twists Hair for Females by OrangeSimosas

Tudor No. 1 by Moni

Palace Wallpaper and Floors by Christine

Ponytail Low, Curly Parted and Dread Half Up Hair by Kiara24

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