Monday, January 23, 2017

Toddler Joggers by Ooobsooo

Building Custom Electronics 2 by Leniad's Cupboard

Custom Electronics for Electronics Build Table
Schmapple Microwave, Coffee Machine, PC – All In One Computer, TV-GENIUS-Wallmount
Download adds the following custom electronics to the game.

Schmapple Microwave           lvl 6 polycount 244
Coffee Machine                    lvl 2 polycount 698
PC – All In One Computer     lvl 10 polycount 452
TV-GENIUS-Wallmount         lvl 9 polycount 532

Requires ElectronicsBuildTable

Electronics Building Custom Electronics 2
---Available to builder depending on Handiness skill level
---not a buy option
---All electronics require: Common Upgrade Parts, Electronic Upgrade Parts or both.

Professor Suit by Historical Sims Life

Blanket Recolors by Tatschu

Sims 4 Victorian Dollhouse Made Slotty 0.1 by BigUglyHag

TS2 Eye Conversion by LiahXSimblr

Toddler Clothing and Socks by PixiesAndGhosts

Medievalish Patterns on Jonesi Bed Blankets by MerrySims

Men's Swim Briefs by IntenseSims

Wallpaper and Floors by Amamatite

Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair by Peter Opsvik Møbler by MXIMS

Dandelion Hair by Leah Lillith

TS3 Vans Conversion by OwlPlumbob

Erratic Hair Retexture by AvelineSims

Princess Dress Recolors by Annett

Telescope Pose Pack by Lagraziana

Bucket Hat Recolors for Toddlers by PixelSimDreams

Chino Pants in 26 Colors by GrimVeggie

Gucci Embroidered Silk Gown by Xelenn

R Skin 5 by RemusSirion

Lorena Wedding Dress Recolors by AveiraSims

Toddler Clothing and Rugs by MegHewlett

Eye Shadow by Nastasya94

Damn Pretty Peepers Eye Replacement by PrincessOfSims

Atenea Hair Recolors by PixelsLie

Toddler Cardigan Outfit by Georgiaglm