Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Textured Sweater with Plaid Undershirt and Zip Side Sweater for Males by NyGirl

Nightcrawler Kelly Hair for Females - TSR

Friends - Joey and Chandler's Apartment Objects by SimsStudio

Leather and Plaid Pleated Skirt, V Neck Dress and Rainbow Knit Sweater by NyGirl

Pretty Pediments by Teanmoon

Lyden Craftsman Style Door in 14 Colors by KiaraRawks at Onyx Sims

I Need My Coat in 15 Recolors for Females by Unbichobolita

Stone Tile Floors by Mabra

Party Favor Decorative Drinks by NewOne

Apacesims Celia Dining and Living Room Set - TSR

Leaf Lace Dress for Teen & Adult Females by JS Sims 4