Saturday, June 18, 2016

Restaurant Clutter by Sandy

Shirts for Males by Rusty Nail

Kitchen Appliances by JomSims

Cook Experimental Food Without Tasting It First Mod by ClaudiaSharon

A little mod I whipped up for you all. Ever wanted your sim to cook an experimental meal, but didn’t feel like taking them out to try every single one? Well no worries, because now with this mod, they can cook experimental food in the comfort of their own homes, without having to go to the restaurant to try it first!

Compatible with both June 2016 patches, 1.19. For those with the Dine Out GP!

T-Shirts with Cap for Males by Ooobsooo

MJ95's Madlen Shoes

- 2 -

Classic Hair with Flower, Girls Mini Pigtails and Robin Hair by Birksches

2 - 3

Formal Outfits At Lounges (1.19.31) by Shimrod101

When using this mod, sims at Lounge venues will be wearing their Formal outfit instead of Everyday. Also the active player sim will be changed into Formal. This doesn't apply for the bartender or entertainer.

Rings by S-Club

Unique Floor Tiles by Tatschu

Gucci 2016-2017 Sandals by MrAntonieddu

Shaved Silk Wavy Hair by Kiara24

Peyton Party Dress for Girls by JosieSimblr

Modern Japanese House by Tanitas8

2000 Study by Kardofe

TS2 Toy Market Conversion for Kids by Nathalia

Shelf by Roundog

Updated Mod Compatibility by ClaudiaSharon

Mods Compatible with the June 2016 Updates (1.19)


Compatible: The mod listed is compatible with the game update listed above.

Not Compatible: The mod listed is not compatible with the game update listed above and may break your game! Please remove from your game until I update it.

Updating: Working on updating the mod. Please be patient.

Working on Making: A new mod/trait is in the works! Keep an eye out. :)


adhd->Not Compatible!!!!

depressed->Not Compatible!!!!


larger households->Compatible

no more autonomous drink/thirst->Updating to include sinks

gain work/school performance faster->Compatible

meet sims and gain work/school performance faster->Compatible

no autonomous roast at campfire->Compatible

hygiene gain while swimming->Compatible

no autonomous swimming->Compatible

children can gain fitness skill->Compatible

no auto coffee or tea->Compatible

same energy and comfort for beds->Not Compatible!!!!

call anytime+relationship mod->Compatible

cook experimental food without tasting it first->Compatible

These and more

Romantic Restaurant by Ilona