Saturday, January 21, 2017

Clubhouse Bunk Bed and Shelf for Toddlers by 13Pumpkin

Olvelia Toddler's Bedroom Set by JomSims

Alpha Beta Phong Modular Closet System by BrazenLotus

Paintings and Wall Plate by bau

Amunet Hair by Nightcrawler

Rustic Dream Bed for Toddlers by Allisas

Kijiko Hairs Updated for Toddlers

TS4 Romantic Skygaze by Dramatic-Gamer

Mod Info

  • This is a custom script mod so it shouldn't conflict with any other mods or override any game data "Interactions,Animations"
  • Your sims will get a new interaction in the romantic category
  • The interaction will be called "Romantic Cloudgaze" In the morning & "Romantic Skygaze" At night
  • This mod adds new "Buffs" that changes according to what time You used the interaction at
  • The interaction has a custom "Get in" & "Get Out" animations that matches the interactions animations & sims will perform them first & not just suddenly lay on the ground or stand up
  • The interaction shuffles through 4 different animations randomly once they have lied on the ground 
  • The animations are "Gaze" "Point" "Snuggle" "Kiss"
  • Sims will make sounds during the interaction & will also lip sync according the the sound they're making
  • Note: Lip syncing has been broken in the entire game since the toddlers patch & the lip syncing in this mod will return once EA fixes the issue
  • The interaction works like other romantic interactions and requires a little amount of romantic interest & has a jealousy broadcaster.
  • This interaction will be available once the "Embrace" Interaction is available
  • This mod is available in all languages
  • Your sims will gain romantic & friendship relationship while Skygazing
  • Your sims will gain social & fun needs while Skygazing

Canopy Bed Frames for Toddlers by Pixeldreamworld

Pooklet'd Hair Retextures by Mertiuza

Drawstring Sweatpants for Toddlers by KiaraRawks

Astral Hair by ChocolateMuffinTop

Credenza Buffet Table by Simista