Sunday, June 7, 2015

Hotel Mod by Simmythesim

Have you ever wanted Hotels in The Sims 4?
Well now you can! With my Hotel Mod, your sims can finally move into their own hotel!

This adds a new Hotel venue, which sims can live on. It also invites 6 sims to act as the guests of the hotel.
I strongly advise you to download Scumbumbo's door locking mod so the hotel's guests don't constantly barge into your room.
If you want some more hotels for your sims, search on the gallery by selecting the Hotel Lot type. I've put up the first hotel named "The Awesome Hotel", but you have to check Include Custom Content in the settings.

This isn't compatible with get to school
The price of renting a hotel room is the same as buying a house, this will hopefully be fixed in a future version.

Eyebrows by bbs4

Tops and Jeans for Males & Females by Ronja

Insta Fit V3 by simmythesim

Since this version is no longer an override, I have reuploaded it as an object instead.
Description as follows.

Where to find in the catalog
Search for active on the search bar.

Are your sims tired of looking weak? Drink Insta Fit to instantly max out your fitness!

The difference in this new version is that it is a clone of insta lean and doesn't replace Insta Large anymore.
You need to remove the old version for it to work.

This costs 750 simoleons.

North Castle Walls, Floors and Mural by Mara45123

Full Working I-SimsPad by sim4fun

TS3 - LivingDeadGirl & Anye Conversions by Mio

Heart of The Ocean Set by MaruskaGeo

Small Venice by Aya20

70 Matching Berry Recolors for Boys (Short Parted Hair/Eyebrows) by The Simsperience

Accessories by Marigold

House of Ivy by Surien28

Solidarity Living Chair by AdonisPluto

TS3 - Sim_Man123 Patio Set Conversion by MissPepe92

Fireplaces and Paintings by Mabra