Thursday, July 14, 2016

Nanny to the Rescue! Now Available in The Sims 4

Ready for a night on the town? Good news: a new free* Update to The Sims 4 adds a Nanny you can hire! But, wait, why do you need a Nanny? Well, let's look at a potential situation your Sims could theoretically find themselves in:

You’ve planned for this night... when, where, it’s all figured out. You’ve got the perfect outfit picked out, and well, he’s at least taken off that clown outfit he loves so much. It’s time to go. But oh no! You suddenly remember… you have kids! Five of them! And a baby!

You could just go, you have every other time… the mystical daycare service has never failed you. But where do your kids go, really? Is it safe? Have you ever done a background check on this “so called” daycare service? And if they really are a “daycare” service, why are they available 24 hours a day… 7 days a week?

Doubt creeps in. You start to wonder if you really should go out for a night of fun and frolicking (though you also wonder… have you ever really frolicked?) and leave your children to this so-called wondrous daycare phantom zone.

*ding dong*

What’s that? It’s a doorbell. I think the question you meant to ask was “Who’s that?”

It’s a Nanny!

Available now with an Update to The Sims 4, the Nanny has come to save your sanity! Rejoice! Your night out is still on. The Nanny will take care of your little tykes, mentor their minds, play, read, and care for their needs… while you spend a worry free night (or day, or anytime) out for fun… and yes, frolicking! Frolic my friends… frolic.

The Sims

Life Is Strange Max Room and Sketchbook Set by Mimoto

- 2 -

Crista Body Chain and Jumpsuit by BEO

Sentate's Nicola Sweater

Off The Shoulder Top by Annabellee25

Urban Surfer Hair for Males by XLDSims

Swimwear for Males by NyGirl

Beth's Restaurant - Recolors by DeelitefulSimmer

TS3 Palm Vase Conversion by Annett

ArtVitalex's Hoxton Dining Room

Flirty Braids Hair by SimLaughLove

Crop Top Recolors by StreetXSims

Raine Hair by PxelBoy

Braid Loose and Ines Hair Recolors by FlamingBlaze

- 2 -

Playful Braids Recolors by MissBunnyGummy

TS3 Kimono Jacket for Males in 28 Colors by MrDesignerShop

Clothing Recolors for Kids by Maimouth

- 2 -

Paintings by NicoleSimsessed

Eve Hair Clayified by DeepSims

Side Cutout Jumpsuit by BobbySims

Lucy Hair and Accessory Butterflies by Tsminh3