Tuesday, October 20, 2015

This Is Simtastic Bedroom Set by SaudadeSims

Grim Bunny Iced Screams Stand and Franchise Kit by SimDoughnut

Mutske's Small Plant and Pots - TSR

Cazy & Nightcrawler Hair Clayified for Females by CosmicPlumbob

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Friend With Benefits Trait by DrewShivers

When feeling alone and wanting a quick dose of loving, many turn to clubs and strangers for their fix. But there’s always that one sim whose love is explosive. Commitment isn’t important to this sim, but the feeling of lust is and spending the night together in love is easier to absorb than the thought of marriage or dating. Friends with benefits are close-sometimes, and aren’t always down for a casual hangout. But the moment that one call comes in, you can guarantee the phone’s going on vibrate on the nightstand for the next few hours. What’s wrong with falling in love for the night?

Friends With Benefits:

No default mood
Need Decay
Fun decays 10% faster
Social decays 10% faster
Energy decays 15% slower
Hygiene decays 20% slower
Skill Gains
Learn the Video Gaming skill 15% faster
This is a socially focused trait, not a skill building trait, so a minor boost for gamers has been added for small flavor
Learn the Comedy skill 30% faster
Charisma skill 20% faster
All Friendships and Romantic relationships increase 15% faster
Normal rate decay has been initiated due to the sim wanting various romantic partners and friendships. No severe romantic bond is intended to be desired or held onto

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