Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Outdoor Fireplaces by Melbrewer367

Alesso Quantum Hair for Females

Couch and Chair Recolors by Annett

Vogue - Default CAS Poses by OM

Starving Artist Rugs by ForTheLoveOfSims

Tile Walls and Floors by Loliam

Art Collection by ForTheLoveOfSims

Flower Boxes by Sonia

Short Life Spans by kaichen04

If you don't care much for collecting, completing aspirations or reaching the top of the careers, the life spans seem a bit too long and dull... I myself am a generational player and I want to get the next generation going and, thus, I created this mod for myself. I thought others might have the same need, so I am sharing. This is the break down of each Life Stage:

Sunday Sweater Dress by Mtndewduhh

Claw Tub Recolors by LongerShadowsShorterDays

tiffybee's Zip Up Studded Fashion Boots

BlackLe A Little Layered Hair for Males

Paintings by Martine