Friday, December 19, 2014

Single Bed Ikea Recolors by SeventhEcho

Rugs by Missimis

IKEA Postcards by Sandy

Dip Dyed Striped Tank for Teen - Adult Males by Peacemaker ic

Newsea Joice Hair for Females

Antique Metal Milk Jugs With Branches Recolors by Ohmyglobsims

Two Thousand Ounces of Gold Under the Sea Recolors by Ohmyglobsims

Villa Perle by Fischio7

Denim Skirts for Teen & Adult Females by JS Sims 4

Classic Bow Tie Tuxedo by Fuyaya

Milky Gloss by Barbiesiims

Wallpaper by Red Queen

Disney Paintings by Rusty Nail

Chun-Li Cosplay Set by Saikyoc4

Peplum Skirt Recolors by PixelJewel

Custom Thumbnails Mod by Inabadromance

Since EA’s last patch broke mine’s and everybody’s custom icons, i’ll share with you a package that replaces all (pretty much ALL) the items I've released up to now.

This mod also contains a fix for the cropped tops from Guillermina Collection that still have specular showing. So yeay!

If you have one, or more of my items and would like to know where you get it, then:

Factory Loft by Via Sims