Saturday, September 5, 2015

Build Your Clutter Set by Sandy

Rivlett Dining Set by JomSims

Star Pendant Table Light by JoolsSimming

TS2 Podchacha’s Peasant Life Dining Conversions by HistoricalSimsLife

POV Wall Candle Holder by OmorfiMera

Birksches Straight Long Bangs and Little Debbie Hair for Females

Lux Chair in 21 Colors by Plasticbox

Moschino Ready To Bear Clothing and Accessories Collection for Females by Jean

Coffee Time Vertical Striped Short Rompers in 10 Colors by Manueapinny

Mortimer Biker Pants in 8 Colors for Females by Sentate

Houses by JarkaD

New Mods at Mod The Sims

Easy Performance for Active Jobs by Egureh

You may know my "Work/Study Hard" Gains More Performance mod, which is for away jobs.
Now here I made a mod for active jobs to gain performance easiler. You can use them both.
This mod only increases PERFORMANCE at ACTIVE jobs. Your Sims still have to do the extra requirements.
*Active job means: Follow your Doctor/Detective/Scientist Sims to their work place.

Mod Effects 2 Flavors. CHOOSE ONLY ONE.

Performance X2: Performance of active jobs gains at 2x of EA defaults.
Large - 50% (EA: 25%)
Medium - 30% (EA: 15%)
Small - 14% (EA: 7%)
Performance X4: Performance of active jobs gains at 4x of EA defaults.
Large - 100% (EA: 25%)
Medium - 60% (EA: 15%)
Small - 28% (EA: 7%)

Both flavors have following effects: Performance of active jobs losses at 1/5 of EA defaults.
Large - 6% (EA: 30%)
Medium - 4% (EA: 20%)
Small - 2% (EA: 10%)

Hygiene + Mod by Fissure

What the mod changes
I went a little different route on this one compared to my other mods in this theme.
All sinks have been given the hygiene gain from the sink with the highest hygiene gain in the game (6 is description value in-game).
Showers have been increased to 10 (2.51 in the game files) with an exception for the Get To Work reward shower that was given a value of 3.0 in the game files (rewards should be rewarding).
Bathtubs have also been increased to 10 (2.51) ingame with an exception for the two most expensive ones that have really high values at default for some reason (3.5 and 7.0).
The two hot-tubs hygiene performance was not changed since I consider they are not for getting clean, but i did raise the fun and environment on the cheaper hot-tub to that of the more expensive one.

Bar Mod (Inreases the drink quality on all bars) by Fissure 

What the mod changes
So this mod will change the "Drink Quality" modifier for all the bars to 10 (multiplier 3.5 in-game).
So now you can use whatever bar that best fits you decoration taste and not get punished with low quality drinks.
Like my previous mod I left all other stats on the bars unchanged.

Slim Fit Suit Jacket for Males by BlackLe

Accessory Jackets for Females by Marigold