Friday, January 27, 2017

Gypsy Kid and Toddler Bedroom Set by Sandy

IKEA Ludvig Wall Mounted Desk, Wall Mounted iMac Set by MXIMS

Samsung SUHD 4k Curved Smart TV by littledica

Updated - Rustic Bathroom Set by KiaraRawks

Gothic Lace Blouse Edit by Sparrow

Flora Finale Outfit by NolanSims

Little Ones Toddler Bedroom Set by JomSims

Men's Casual Edwardian Suit by Historical Sims Life

Chicago City Skyline Replacement by Bakie

Hair Recolors by Simsrocuted

Pearl Biker Jacket by Sentate

Updated for Toddlers - Alien Big Q Eyes Edit by Simtzu

Teacher's Pet Aspiration by jackboog21

Looking for a new child aspiration? Well, I have a treat for you! The Teacher's Pet aspiration! This is my first original aspiration I've released.

The aspiration will give your child whims; though none of them are new whims. Basic things, like Become Focused, Do Homework, etc.

Apple Giver:
Where else is a child going to start? To be a Teacher's Pet you must start as an Apple Giver by doing your Homework and Leveling up your Mental skill.

*Achieve Level 2 in Mental
*Do Homework

On A Roll:
Your Child is going to make On A Roll with these grades.

*Achieve a Grade of "B" at School
*Do Homework 5 Times

Teacher's Pet:
So close, almost there, just improve those grades a bit more!

*Achieve a Grade of "A" at School
*Achieve Level 10 in Mental
*Do Homework 10 Times

Children and Toddlers Can Die of Anything Mod by ArienLi

An updated version of DrChillgood‘s mod. It enables all base game deaths for children and toddlers (except death of old age and exhaustion). They won’t be taken away by a social worker if they are hungry - they will starve to death!

Poppy Hair by Meellanie

Flower Crown Headband for Toddlers by Georgiaglm

Pillows by Tatschu