Monday, February 16, 2015

Iced Winter Dress by Laupipi

TheNumbersWoman's Shabby Bargain Shabby Chic Bathroom

Jeans and Chinos for Teen - Elder Males by Rope

Alexander Palace -The Imperial Jewel- (NO CC) by Amichan619

137 Wood Floors by Plumbobbles

Soft Towels by Martine

Antique Tiles by Mara45123

TS3 to TS4 - Sunshine Default Eyes by Lunarlolily

Hair Recolors for Males by BustedPixels

SimLotto by scumbumbo

Welcome to SimLotto

Buy a ticket and make your Sims a millionaire!

This mod allows sims to purchase SimLotto lottey tickets on any of the computers included in the game. The payout rate is higher than a normal lottery to make things a bit more fun, but the odds are fairly balanced and not just a money cheat. Three flavors of the mod are available, normal odds, easier odds and best odds. The number of required matches, range of numbers and payouts are altered in each flavor. A complete list of the payouts may be found below in a spoiler.

Playing SimLotto is fairly straightforward, however here are the complete instructions. Reference the screenshots above to see some sample puchases (and yes, I cheated to get the Pick 6 Jackpot!)

Introducing Foggy Frontier by Fogity

Hello and welcome to my new site. This will be the place you can find all mods by me, Fogity.

I will update the site with more information and make the forums available in the near future.

Currently there are three mods available:

Hidden Highlight – Hiding the highlight when hovering objects and sims.

Silent Interface – Silencing the emotions and moodlets.

Unlocked Cas Parts – Unlocks all Cas Parts rewarded through advancing in the careers.

Read more and download

Shabby Chic Kitchen, Dining & Windows Recolors by MaruskaGeo