Sunday, December 13, 2015

TS2 Adele Vintage Dining, Christmas Decor and Murano Olivier Outdoor Set Conversions by MsTeaQueen

2 - 3

Paneled Wallpaper by Vonndasun

Shaggy Waves - GT Female to Male Hair Conversion by Peacemaker ic

Stylish Leaning Mirrors by K-Hippie

TS2 Cafe Curtains Conversion, Dream Ruffle and More Curtains in 43 Colors by GivreSims

2 - 3

The Griswold's House and Family by HarleyQuinn

Buckley camera mod updated for 1.13.104 by szielins

A 1.13.104 compatible version of Buckley's Live Mode and Tab Mode Camera Mods - No Drift & Lower Level!. Tested on Windows ( and a Mac (

No blank bubbles/Translation for Debug Cheats by fran89

This is a mod that removes blank bubbles in debug cheats by translating some resources in the game.

 Important!!: Some users have reported that the mod isn't working. Make sure you have enabled Script Mods (Menu>Game options>Other>Script mods) in you game options to make It functional.

 Update: Added English and Romanian version.

When you're playing in a non-English language, if you have debug cheats enabled, it appears blank bubbles due to EA hadn't translated in the Strings packages some lines of text that corresponds with debug cheats.

I will upload it in other languages, or you can request me the strings in other languages. If there are any bad translations, make me know.

Midnight Living Room and Curtains Recolors by Ameranthe

Mojito Living Recolors by HamburgerCakes