Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Gift Villa Vintage and LV Secret Paint Set by LunaticaVillage

Thanks LRS

Hanging Branch Deco, Thin Full Wall Mirror and Christmas Candy Edit by Confetti

Roses Hair Accessories by Xelenn

Fairy Light Trees in 20 New Colors by WaterWoman

Demagogue Turtleneck Top with Leather Jacket by SimplifiedSimi

Clothing by WMS

TSM Toys Converted by ZxTa

Mona Kitchen Clutter by Soloriya

Smart Pet Toy and Box by Sandy

MJ95's Madlen Yoher Shoes

TS3 Lorandia Spiked Earrings Conversion by Ebonix

Mood Ring Crop Top in 18 Colors by AHarris00Britney

Perfect Honeycomb Shelving *UPDATED* by MrMonty96

- 2 -

Dibella Hair by WeepingSimmer

Paintings by Tatschu

Lexi Hair by WMS

Huckleberry: a conversion of McCree’s serape and hat from Overwatch by ValhallanSim

Martinez Hair by Ade Darma

CliveC Contemporary Kitchen Set by ShinoKCR