Sunday, May 22, 2016

Urban Chic Clutter by pqsim4

Basic Sweater for Males by Rope

Trendy Hanbock by Rusty Nail

Long Wavy Parted Hair Converted for Males by Scarlettnyxslair

Cuddle Ups Blanket Recolors by Quagganova

Curtains in 81 Recolors for Kids by EightySixSims

Patchwork Rugs by NireSim

Ade Darma Hair Retexture Dump by SwirlGoodies

Sea Salt Dress by ChocolateMuffinTop

Dread Bob with Band Hair for Females by Birksches

Clothing and Accessories by Oldbox and Chalipo

Belted High Waist Skirt Recolors by Tukete

Clothing for Girls by JosieSimblr

Insane Trait More Animations (1.18) by Shimrod101

An Insane sim will sometimes play the trait animation where they crouch and look from side to side and sniff under their arm. This mod adds around a dozen other animations into the mix, so the sim will play one of these (or the original one) at random.

The Insane sim will also do one of these moves much more often than in vanilla game; it will be 5 or 6 times per hour when using this mod.

The Insane Trait also causes the sim to talk to themselves or talk at objects; this function is not altered by this mod.

Full Of Meaning Paintings by XLDSims

ABC's Alphabet Food Posters by WaterWoman

Sahara Hair Retexture for Females by Maimouth

Paintings by HopelesslyDevotedSimmer

Paolo Sebastian Tea Top Recolors by BLewis

Fur Rain Boots for Girls by JosieSimblr

Eyes by Annett