Saturday, May 21, 2016

SIMcredible!'s Natural Stone

New storage and functions for many, many objects. by coolspear1

Swally Point Lighthouse by Peacemaker ic

Trill Cuffed Jeans in 20 Colors for Females by NolanSims

Updated Objects with More Slots by OhMySims404

Table and Decor by NathaliaSims

Hair 2 for Females by Wings

SWA Pegboard and Vintage Dipped Pegboard Art by

TS3 Accessory Handbag Conversions by NerdySimsFashion

Birthday Cards by DevoidCreations

White Sheer Lace Spaghetti Strap Crop by JS Sims 4

Stars Nail Polish by Veranka

Off-Shoulder Collar Blouse in 18 Recolors by SensFelipa

Rabbit Mask by UntraditionalNerd

Kid's Clutter by JenniSims

Bangin' Ponytail for Females by LeeleeSims1

BearNight Outfit Changed To Hermit (1.18) by Shimrod101

Monday night is Bear Night at the various bars, and some sims dress in the bearsuit. This mod alters the bear outfit to the Hermit outfit during bear night.

The sims will still act the same as bears, doing the growling at each other.

Outdoor Retreat and Get Together are required for this mod to be of any use.

Matte Lipstick by MayhemSims

Minimalist Album Covers by AbundanceOfPixels

Swimsuits for Girls by KrazyAngelKat81

Summer Halter Top and Jeans Shorts for Girls by JosieSimblr

TS2 Clutter Conversions by Dinha

TS3 Cabinet Conversion by Sims4Luxury

Accessory Book by Soloriya

Electric Bass and Poses by BeverlyallitSims