Tuesday, October 27, 2015

TS3 Semller and Pixicat Shoe Conversions for Males & Females by DreamTeamSims

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Mon Jardin Living Set by JomSims

Kids Dreads Hair for Boys and Girls by Birksches

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TS3 Chairs and Stools Conversions by DreamTeamSims

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Traits by DrewShivers

 Custom CAS Trait: Vampiric
Many take the sun for granted and view it as an annoyance or just another source for light that rises high in the sky to use daily. Once encountered by this creature, they’ll have wished that the sun were there to shroud them in its powerful rays of light as a form or protection. Vampires roam the night, cursed to forever hunger for the blood of the living. Each warm drop provides life that this vampiric creature cannot survive without. Madness finds those that do not sate this hunger. As the sun begins to escape sight when the dark approaches, be thankful that it will rise once more, and hope that you will live to see it again.
 Custom CAS Trait: Poltergeist
Death is inevitable and a sim can only avoid its chilling grasp for so long before being taken to the next life. Those that have found peace often remain on the other side and only return to the world of the living to visit loved ones or to recapture memories lost. Not all spirits are kind. Many ghosts have unfinished business to attend to, whether it be the pure desire to spread chaos in its wake or to take on a single goal: revenge. Be kind to those in life, or your may find suffering far worse than the ones you have wronged. An eternity of being haunted by those restless spirits will drown you in endless remorse.