Sunday, December 20, 2015

OHMM Functional Meditation Pillow by PaffinaSims

Turtleneck and Jeans Long Dresses by Rusty Nail

Craftable Pottery by Plasticbox

Medieval Stove by Design4Sims

Rey, Danielle and Alexandria Hair for Females by BoosterSims

2 - 3

Clutter Shelf with 33 Slots and in 26 Colors by NullspaceNancy

Retro Cat Eyeliner by LeslieM25

Paradise and Erin Hair for Females in 18 Colors by ChocolateMuffinTop

Industrial Style Library Set by pqsim4

Rock bar set - Maxis mesh edit by artrui

Get Together Blouse Recolors by DeelitefulSimmer

Strap Chokers for Males by Kijiko

TS2 Birgit43 Classic Baby Carriage and Cassandre Dresser Conversion by DinhaGamer

Purr-fect Catio Dress by HamburgerCakes

Fishnet and PVC Tube Top in 30 Colors by SrslySims

Fangirl Trait by FinSims

“This sim is easily obsessed, and probably depressed. They enjoy being alone, and love watching TV and being on the computer (probably Tumblr). They combine loner, music lover, geek, and gloomy into one mush of fandom trash. They are lucky in love - probably from all the fanfiction they read and write - and form strong friendships.”

MJ95's Madlen Mila Boots

Tablecloths by Mabra

The Sims 4 Faster Skills by maloekoegirl

I have updated Shimrod101's original file for the latest patch! 
This mod is built with Game version:

All credits go to Shimrod101 for the original mod!
The original mod can be found here:

The original file is not needed, just replace this file with one of these!

I have updated the original FastSkills 4x and the FastSkills VeryFast files. The other 2 original files; FastSkills 2x and SlowerSkils 2x will be updated soon!

This will be my first upload and attempt to update an existing mod, so bear with me if it has a few hickups! I have tried them both in my game and I am not experiencing any problems yet! 

I hope you will enjoy them and that they will work for you!

Thanks Sydney