Friday, April 8, 2016

Community Pizzeria Set by Sandy

EA Buyable & Edible Food/Drinks - Movie Stuff Popcorn and Deco Items by TreelifeCreations

Hello!! I’m offically back on Tumblr and will now be able to reply quicker.

To celebrate I bring you the  popcorn from movie stuff + 2 deco items, a measuring cup of corn kernels and a single corn kernel.

Now your sims no longer need to make popcorn in batches!

It makes stocking up a store, cafe & “restaurant” a few second job.

**Please note these are NOT decor items (sims will eat them autonomously mid photo shoot)! If you want decor food items, please check out @budgie2budgie​ who has kindly converted all the sims food items into decor items.


- Total of 1 item of food (popcorn) + 2 decorative items

- They can all be found under Appliances -> Small Appliances (microwaves) or Decoration -> Clutter for the clutter

- Once placed in world these act like normal ingame food made by sims, they can eaten, put away, sold, etc.

TS3 Milla Bedroom Conversions by MXIMS

Spring Terrace Dining Set, Windows and Doors by Severinka

TS3 Outdoor Living Conversions by Annett

Born Slippy Pants in 20 Colors for Males by DownInSimsland

Modest Bun Hair for Females by Kiara24

Celtic Short Dress and Cape by Historical Sims Life

Non-Transparent and Mirror Pool Water by Bakie


Broken Tile Terrains by Helen