Tuesday, November 22, 2016

City Memoirs Pallet Update by KiwiSims4

Maxis Match Gadget Collection by LuumiaSims

Glossy Granite Floor Tiles by Madhox

Decoholic Modular Bar by Simista

Freed-Up Fireworks by coolspear1

Freed-Up Fireworks

Did City Living give you enough bang for your bucks? Want more big bang? Or are your sims feeling just too
lazy to go traipsing all the way to one of San M's Festivals to see the pretty firework shows? Then these unlocked
pyrotechnic sets might help your sims to have some backyard big boom fun.

All the fireworks can now be found in the Activities & Skills/Misc section of buy mode.

The fireworks come in sets that are relative to the City Living Festivals. Below is a typical example.

Geek Con Set
Large - Battery (Big Fireworks Display)
Medium - Mortar (Single Shot)
Medium - Roman Candle (Single Shot)
Medium - Sparks Fountain (Single Shot)
Small - Spinner (Single Shot)

Other sets with the same contents are:

Humor & Hijinks Set
Romance Festival Set
Spice Festival Set
White Wedding Set

Facial Hair by IntenseSims

Origami Dress in 64 Recolors by AveiraSims

Antiques Set by Severinka

High Waist Shorts by NeutralSupply

Shoes and Boots Recolors by ThisIsSimtastic

- 2 -

TS3 Snacks Conversions by YourDorkBrains

Decorative Landline Telephone by PlumbobCenterBlog

Zara Dress in 20 Colors by MXFSims

Choker by SAC

Moustaches Movember by Fuyaya

Glossy Hair Recolors by CitronTart

MJ95's Madlen Chimera Shoes

Anna Hair Retexture by MagnoliaC

Painted Concrete Wallpaper by Tatschu

Beauty Marks by MagnoliaC

Hair Retextures by HeartFall

Focus Hair by LeahLillith

Top 1 by S2eeul

Hogwarts Portraits by PotterheadSims