Thursday, August 20, 2015

Auto Save for The Sims 4 by sachamagne

Periodic backup for your game(s)
This mod allows periodic saving of your game without interrupting it.

Actual Release
2015/08/20: Chinese translation (Tiger3018)


Menu driven configuration:
Selection of the periodicity of your backup from every 15mn to once a day in SIM TIME backup name could be changed on the fly.
Number of backup cycle could be changed on the fly.
All changes are confirmed by messages on the wall messages.

Metal Table with Lino Top by Plasticbox

Shorter and Neat Hair Edit for Males by DigbyDoozle

Loose Tank Top with Bustier by Simsrocuted

Charlie Replacement Eyes by AstoriaSims

Ethnic Bayside Bedding Vol 1 by TheAfricanSim

Nintendo Wii-U Console by PockyDoesSims

Tifa Lip Liner Conversion by Dachs

129 Autumn Street by Frau Engel

Fro Pack Mesh Hair Edits for Females by Orangesimosas

Straight from da Trash Living/Bedroom Set by KiaraRawks

Softness Skin and Female Sim by S4Models

Pointy Ears Slider by ArienLi

Just some tiny mod that unlocks the pointy ears slider for human children. If you want your adult sims to have alien ears too, I strongly recommend downloading Shimrod‘s CaS Modifiers bugfix. It not only fixes the face issue, but also fulfills your sims dreams of being an elf ;)

WARNING! Both mods can cause slightly pointy-eared townies. In my game there are very few of them though.

TS3 Awesims Hair Pin Chair and Secretary Desk by Amiutza

Kiara24 Long Ear Tuck Hair for Boys

Spa Day Wall Lamps Recolors by BLewis

Clothing, Harness, Facial Hair and More by UntraditionalNerd

Alpha Beta Phong Dishwasher by Veranka