Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Chiffon Dresses for Teen - Elder Females by Paulean R

LumiaLover Sims LP Stuff Heart Breaker Mesh Edit for Males

Just Say No To Sparkly Suits for Teen - Elder Males by Wictoriously

True Windows - All Base Game Windows in Black & White by MarvinSims

Gain Hygiene from swimming by Tanja1986

I just played with my Sim a little bit when she suddenly decided autonomously to go to swim and I saw that the hygiene went down from swimming while the fun went up. So I decided to let her gain hygiene as well. So you catch two flies with one hit! Clean and FUN! YEAH!

This mod is compatible with the newest May patch

Celine Jumper Recolors by Simsrocuted

Deco Make Up Forever Set by JomSims

TokSik Frilly Skirt in Aelia's Colors by Amylet

Hoodies for Adult Males by Tamamaro

The Cherryblossom - No CC by HarleyQuinn

Sectional Living by AdonisPluto

Midnight Stucco and Midnight Damask Wallpaper by Ameranthe

Noiranddarksims Random TS3 Hospital Stuff Conversions by Siciliaforever

Base Game Compatible Luxury Party Stuff Accessories & Makeup by JenniSims