Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Alex Hair for Males and Females by Simduction

Get Together Plants, Pergola and Awing Liberated by Porphyriasims

Multi-Color Pool Water by Plasticbox

Sentimental Hair for Females by Kiara24

TS2 Spacesims Alex Living Conversion by DinhaGamer

TS3 Dress Conversion by BEO

Vivid Dance Club by Bry

Behr Marquee Wallpaper by HamburgerCakes

ShinoKCR's Art Deco Living

Serenity Maritime Living Recolors Set by Oldbox

Increased limit for hiring! by arkeus17

Since the update the game, it is possible to hire some services, such as mixologist, entertainer and caterer. However it is possible to hire them only once per lot, and then with this mod, I increased the maximum number of times it is possible to 99, then it is possible hire as many as bartender, caterer and entertainers you want!

Butterflysims 147 Hair Retexture in 24 Colors by Dachs

Modern Kitchen - Room by Sims4Luxury

Freckles by Tifa

Pastel Pants for Females by Pxelpink

Dragon Age Inquisition Outfit for Female sby VoodoolingSims

Girly Braided and Boys Messy Hair by Birksches

MJ95's Madlen Versilia Shoes

Christmas Pillows by MsTeaQueen