Monday, January 16, 2017

3D Eyelashes for Toddlers by Kijiko

Dress, Shoes, Outfits and Poses for Toddlers by OwlPlumbob

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Functional Sony PlayStation 4, Apple Earpods, iPad Air 2 and Dock by MXIMS

Valentino Embellished Shirt Jacket by Waekey

Ethnic Deco by Xelenn

Max Food / Cooking Quality on fridges, stoves, grills, etc. by turon

This mod makes all fridges, stoves, grills, microwaves and chef stations have max food quality (i.e. Food Quality: 10 based from the in-game description); this allows Sims with no cooking skill to produce excellent quality food using any stove/fridge/microwave/grill.

I made this mod because I wanted freedom to choose appliances based on design without compromising food quality.

Base Game
Get to Work EP Fridge
Spa Day GP Fridge
Dine Out GP Chef Station
Perfect Patio SP Grill
Cool Kitchen SP Fridge and Stove
Download the base game version plus the corresponding zip file for any additional SP and GP that you may have.
Each zip file contains separate package files for each type of appliance, so you can delete any file you don't wish to use.

Changed all "Consumable Quality" multipliers in the objects' tuning files to 3

Inspired by Fissure's Outdated Food Quality Mod which has not received an update since September 2015.
This mod does not fix this bug where top level employed chefs consistently produce poor/normal quality food.
If enough interest is generated, I might update the mod to include coffee makers and bars with max drink quality.

The Chair of Meows Highchair

Rugs by Gatochwegchristel

Toddler Mattress Recolors by Tatschu

Porsche 718 Boxster S and Porsche Cayenne S by LorySims

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Toddler Beds by Simista

Damn Pretty Peepers Eyes Conversion for All by ChikkadiiSims

Maxine Sweater Dress and Tights for Toddlers by AveiraSims

Little Rockstar Jacket for Toddlers by AHarris00Britney

Shirt Recolors for Toddlers by Ardoismi

Updated Pose Player by Andrew

The pose player has been updated :)

New in this version:
* Toddlers can now pose by name/pack.
* Multiple poses can be queued without having to click the sim again.
* Closing a pose pack will re-open the list of pose packs so that you can choose another without clicking the sim again.
* Pose packs are sorted alphabetically .

Note: to use this feature with pose packs made before the recent Studio update, you will need to run the batch fix to update your pose packs. The latest version of Studio includes this batch fix as a cheat code: posepacks.update.

Pajamas for Toddlers by Fuyaya

Beret Converted for Toddlers by PlayWithLife

Updated Buck Teeth and Vampire Fangs by Pickypikachu

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Single Beds Converted for Toddlers by G1G2