Saturday, April 15, 2017

Vines for Fences-Morning Glory and Seasons of Ivy by Snowhaze

König Bedroom Set by MXIMS

Bowling Decor by WaterWoman

Wedding Set by Colores Urbanos

Freckles and Moles by BlahberryPancake

Hair 152 by ButterflySims


Buffalo Bar Setting by Simista

Makeup Decor by JomSims

PlantSim no cooldown + Trait by Simonch8

What does this mod do?

This mod has 2 package files. The "PlantSimForever" package alters the cooldown of the forbidden fruit buff, so your sim will stay a plantSim forever and doesn't turn back to normal after 5 days.

The other file called "PlantSimTrait" will add a visible Trait in CAS to make a plantSim without a forbidden fruit. Combine this file with the "PlantSimForever" package.
But NOTE: randomly generated townies will also have a chance to get this Trait, so even after the PlantSim Challenge you will have plantSims around your town. (Which is in my opinion a good thing, because you also have random generated aliens and vampires)

About the Trait

The Trait can be found in the "Lifestyle" Category of the Sims 4 CAS and should be available with a name and description in all languages. At the moment, the trait doesn't do anything other than making your sim a plantSim. I didn't add things like: "more successful in those career" or "can learn this skill faster", becuase the plantSim in Sims 4 allready has this built in. So you get the gardening boost from the built in plantSim when you chose this Trait. However, maybe in the future i will add a version where the Trait means something like "Pureblooded PlantSim" and give you special abillities that those plantSims which just ate the fruit didn't have. For example a bigger gardening skill boost or special interactions with plants or other sims

Fox Hair by ChocolateMuffinTop

No Autonomous Singing Mod by NekoMimiM0de

I sent my sims to my restaurant to eat dinner last night and was totally shocked at the barrage of bad singing that flooded my speakers. It seemed like every sims in the group was showing off their talent or lack of. That’s when I decided this must end now.   This mod disables all autonomous singing and serenading, so now sims won’t burst into song at random times of the day.

Poppy Dress by Sentate

TS3 Modern Couch Set Conversion by Annett

City Living Dress Edits by Chynoodle

City Living - Portable Floor Mural by NekoMimiM0de

Ariana Hair Without Bangs by Meellanie

Clothing Recolors by BLewis