Monday, August 3, 2015

Chisami's STE Spa Collection - 14 New Objects

5 Breezy Lanterns - Outdoor Party serie - volume 1 by Blackgryffin

Spacesims Charlotte Bedroom

Coco Art Deco Living Set by TKAngie

Vinyl Stereo Record Player by AdonisPluto

TS3 The Modern Bob Hair for Females by Laracroftfan1

Spotlight Eye Shadow by Pollenpunch

Dresses by NyGirl

2 - 3

9786 Oasis Springs by Tanitas8

Garden Variety by Plasticbox

These are overrides for some of the garden plants that give them different meshes and custom textures, for more variety. The wild-growing variants are also included in each package (changes are identical). This is not a complete overhaul, it only contains those plants my sims currently have which were bothering me most.

Sweaters for Males by Sandy

Alesso Sweet Escape and Angels Retexture by PorcelainWarehouse

Ripped Denim Pencil Skirt by JS Sims 4

Loose Socks for Males & Females by Marigold

7 Mineral Lime Walls - true seamless - volume 1 - 2 - 3 by Blackgryffin

Lipstick by Sintiklia

Craftables made recolourable by Plasticbox

Book Ledge Set by AverageSimblr