Thursday, March 10, 2016

Boots for Females by Marigold

Wedding Arches, Wine Bottles, Beds and More by The Shed

RGS Monkey Bars Mesh Edit by WMS

The Junk Mod (Version 1) by CinderelliMouse

While playing with my Freegan household I really started to miss things like dumpster diving and picking up scrap objects from the junkyard. Since the Freegans aren’t really supposed to buy anything, I wanted them to be able to pick up items for free somehow. However, I didn’t want to make it too easy.

With this mod, you’ll get a junk pile object (found in the trash category, or search for ‘junk’). This is based on an outdoor trashcan, so sims can ‘scavenge’ in it as they would rummage for trash. Only I’ve added a TON of extra items for your sim to find. Previously they only gathered smaller items like postcards, and those items are still there, but now your sims can find a variety of useful items like yoga mats, tents and even a shower!

But there’s a catch…

I’ve added custom tuning and swatches for nearly all the items, so they’ll be broken or dirty. The broken items can be fixed, and some of the dirty items can be cleaned. Other items are particularly gross. XD

I’m not going to list all the items, because I think part of the fun is in seeing what you find!

Accessory Denim Top for Females by GabiSims

Ade Darma Miss Fame Hair for Females

Provence Set by Helen

Bedroom Set 6 by MXIMS

Drunk Miller Community Lot by Tanitas8

TSM Wizard's Bookcase Conversion by Historical Sims Life

Tattoos for Females by OverkillSimmer

Stockings by SourWolfSims

TS3 Bicycle Conversion and Recolor by Alachie & Brick Sims

Lingerie Recolors by BlindingEchoes

Crochet Top and Leggings by NyGirl

36 Wood Wallpaper by UndergroundSimsDownloads

Miss Fame Hair Clayified by Kotcatmeow