Tuesday, February 23, 2016

TS3 Waning Moon Living and Dining Set Conversion by SimsLikeItHot

Das Boot Short for Females by WildlyMiniatureSandwich

S.A.M. - Sim Activated Machine by Esmeralda

This is just a bit of fun inspired by the current monthly theme, Into The Future. Its design was mainly inspired by my currently playing 'Fallout: New Vegas' which I had sitting on my computer for years and never got around to until now, and the movie 'Robot and Frank' which we saw recently and loved. S.A.M. (Sim Activated Machine) is a little headbot who is sort of a cross between 'eyebot' ED-E from Fallout, and the head of Frank's robot: a sleek, plain, plastic futuristic kind of head rather than the ornate retro ED-E but with the similar idea of a robot who is just a floating 'head'.

This is a set of male and female sims, who are regular standard sims but are 'dressed' in a robot head and a null (invisible) body. So there is nothing 'modded' about them or any technical voodoo involved, they function like a normal sim, they're just little and cute. They come as nine separate sims as follows:

1. S.A.M. Silver, Male ; 2. S.A.M. Maroon, Female; 3. S.A.M. Green, male; 4. S.A.M. Black, Female; 5. S.A.M. Brown, Male; 6. S.A.M. Blue, Female; 7. S.A.M. White, Male; 8. S.A.M. Red, Female, and 9. S.A.M. Indigo, Male.

Ferrari 488 GTB and Jaguar C-X75 in 6 Colors by 253mph

Teleport Any Sim by Scumbumbo

This is based on an idea I got in a recent forum post, and it seems to work fairly well. This is a statue object, which can be purchased for free from the Decorations/Miscellaneous, that has two teleport commands available from it.

The basic "Teleport Sim" command will bring a sim to the location of that statue. The Sim will be reset to cancel whatever they may be doing (or else they would ignore the teleport) and be instantly moved to the destination replacing the statue.

The "Summon" version of teleportation will bring a sim from another lot, or a household member who is off lot. The Sim will be spawned and given an appropriate "visitor" role so they don't just try to leave. If the Sim was a member of the household and off to work or school, they will simply get their work-day cancelled normally and be pulled out of the rabbit hole.

Nightcrawler Naomi Hair for Females

Jeans and Replacement Shoes for Females by WitheredLilies

Bits & Pieces from Seven Cities Ago by Skeletal Screams

Villa Mogador - No CC by Sella Su

Renewal Hair for Girls by Kiara24

Tablecloth Recolors by PopsicleSims

Victoria Kid's Room by Severinka

Tommy Hilfiger Sweatshirts for Males by PixelatedSins

Paintings by Mackat

2 - 3

Higher Dreads Hair for Males and Females by Birksches

Evening Dresses by NathaliaSims

Teen Idle Hair Recolors by Plumbies

Rebecca Smith by Netcat0718

Paintings, Rugs, Terrains and More at BeautySims

Soft Medium Wavy Hair in 114 Colors and 3 Rainbows by FaerieDustSims