Monday, October 5, 2015

The Sims 4 Politics Mod Pack by Zerbu

Are you ready for more content for your Sims to enjoy? Introducing The Sims 4 Politics Mod Pack! Politics brings three new skills to the game – Protest Leadership, Debating and Influence – as well as a brand new Political career. Oh yeah, and if you have Get to Work installed, it will be active!

The mod adds a new object, a clone of the The Sims 3 Podium Conversion by Cinderellimouse (used with permission), which contains custom interactions used for protests as well as various interactions related to the career. You can also use it to practice skills.

Political Career - Start off as a protester and work your way up to become Leader of the Free World. If Get to Work is installed and there is a City Hall venue placed in the game, the new career will be active.

Protests - Create change in the community by holding protests. Protests can lead to powerful Moodlets for the whole household that will have positive effects… or the protest could end up having the opposite effect and create a negative Moodlet instead.

Debating - Take part in debates online and with other Sims. Can your Sim create change, or will the opponents get the better of them?

Influence - Influence the moods and actions of other Sims. Get your friends to cook and clean for you, or give your family a helping hand in their ambitions with a quick emotion boost. (Note: Some features of this skill require Get to Work)


In order for the Political career to be active, you’ll need a “City Hall” venue. You can either create your own, or download one from the gallery. The lot should be set to “City Hall” in Build Mode. If you choose to download a lot from the gallery, read the “Known Issues” below. You may need to check “Include Custom Content” since most City Hall lots will have podiums.
You can find the custom podium object in Build Mode. Just search “Podium” ;)
Known Issues:

Sometimes, when downloading a lot from the gallery, the game won’t automatically register it to the career events system. After downloading a City Hall lot from the gallery or placing one from your library, set the lot type to something random, exit build mode, enter build mode again then set the lot type to City Hall. If this is your first time using the mod, I strongly suggest saving before sending a Sim to work for the first time, just to make sure you didn’t make any mistakes. If you fail to do this, you won’t receive the option to follow your Sim to work, and the venue may behave in other strange ways.

Most features are available with only the base game. However, you will need Get to Work to play the Political career as an active one. Also, influencing a Sim’s actions won’t have any effect without Get to Work, because it uses the same system as the SimRay. Influencing emotions will still work, however.

TS2 & TS3 Bakery Goodies Conversions by PorphyriaSims

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School Cafeteria Set by Kresten22 - SimsFans

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Casement Bay Window by Plasticbox - MTS

Loving Parent Trait by DrewShivers

No default mood
Need Decay
Bladder decays 10% slower
Fun decays 15% slower
Social decays 5% faster
Energy decays 6% slower
Hygiene decays 10% slower
Skill Gains
Learn the Homestyle Cooking skill 35% faster
Learn the Gourmet Cooking skill 20% faster
This is to compensate base game players
Learn the Baking skill 20% faster (GTW only)
Learn the Writing skill 15% faster
Learn the Photography skill 10% faster
Learn the Handiness skill 10% faster
Learn the Gardening skill 10% faster
Learn the Fishing skill 10% faster
Learn the Logic skill 15% faster

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