Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Cadence Dining Set by Simcredible Designs

Printemps Top by Rope

Abandoned Set - 37 Objects by KiaraRawks

Specific Seed Packets (Base Game) by CinderelliMouse

I made these on a whim a few weeks ago and then forgot all about them because… brains. Basically they work in a similar way to existing seed packets but you can buy them for specific plants. So instead of buying mixed flowers, you can buy rose seeds, or tulip seeds.

[Well… like the existing seed packets, they actually give you ingredients… not seeds… but moving swiftly on…]

The price of the packet depends on the individual price of the basic ingredient, and how many you get in a packet. So you can’t cheat and buy the packet, open it, and sell the ingredients for a profit or anything. To make a profit you need to grow the plants and sell the harvest. To be honest, there’s not a HUGE purpose to this, other than I figured I could do it and it seemed like a nice mini-project. It’ll be nice for gardening stores and things like that.

So far I have made seed packets for most base game ingredients. Including some of the rare plants you get by splicing. It’s up to you if you take this short-cut or not. But the super-special seeds, like the cow plant seeds, were not included. It made sense to me to have rose seeds, for example, but the cow plant seeds seemed like they should be left out.

The seed packets have custom designs to make it easier to tell which type of seeds it contains. Feel free to recolour these if you like.

The seed packets can be bought as usual from planters, or you can find them in the debug catalogue. They can be sold with the retail system.

Bobby's Long Dreads, Willow and Up and Down Hair by Birksches

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Men's Medieval Sleeping Tunic by Historical Sims Life

Birthday Dress by ColisWonderland

Totem Living Room Set by Nikadema

Shabby Living Recolors by Loverat

Newsea Viola Hair Converted for Girls by Simiracle

Ripped Denim Shorts by JS Sims 4

Butterfly Earrings by GiuliettaSims

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Eyes, Lips and Accessory by JomSims

Kira, Hyena, Willa Bun and Maria Hair Recolors by DeelitefulSimmer

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Alda Windows by Mutske

Cement Floor Tiles by Tatschu