Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Dawkins - No CC by Jenba

Maxis Match Condemned Floors by 13Pumkin31

Canonical Kitchen Chair for TS4 by plasticbox

HIFI JVC Inspiration System by JomSims

Nightcrawler GUY Hair for Females

Eyes by Tifa

Willow Eyes for Males & Females by A3ru

Hair Recolors by Lostmyplumbbobinyourpond

Freckles by MrsMarySims

Fachwerk Set 2 by Mara45123

Star Wars Bedroom Recolors by Tacha75

Tropica Dress by ECoast

Looks Like Earphones Necklace by Roundog

Socially Awkward Trait by Egm2000 by egm2000

This is a little different than the other trait I uploaded, but hey, different personalities right? Anyhow, this is the socially awkward trait, almost a mix of loner and clumsy, like the Sim has a clumsy mouth around people

Their social need decays slower
Relationships are gained slower
Creative and logical skills are gained by a TINY amount

The Bernold House by HarleyQuinn

Abstract Paintings Replaced by DaisyTighfield