Sunday, September 11, 2016

Rose Red Dress by AveiraSims

Arch Doors, Ceilings and Brick Wallpaper by Severinka

The Cantilevered Glass Desk by MrMonty96

Bring A Bit (or A Lot) of Sixam Home Updated Alien Objects and Recolors by Siminimonster

15 files of plants from Sixam, with re-colors added from the different regions of Sixam of which we are largely unaware

6 files of rocks - including a re-release of the glowing crack, this time actually glowing

3 'Miscellaneous’ files, including two different re-releases of the Alien UFO, however now with 

Office Set and Recolors by MXIMS

Freckles and Moles by Witch-Hammers

Verona Dining Set by Kardofe

Daisy Shorts by SerenityCC

Nightrunner Hair by Leah Lillith

Codex Team Tees by QuiddityJones

Citronella Scented Candle Recolors by Kyootxims

Clothing and Shoes by IkariSims

Gradient Bandage Dress by JomSims

Scenery Wallpaper by Sims4Tint

Fashion Nova Dangerous Liason Jumpsuit by Alecseycool

Round Rugs by Pixelunivairse

Idol Dream Hair by Newsea


Wallpaper and Carpet Floors by Tatschu

Kids Calvin Klein Monochrome Beanies by Editlissi

Bittersweet Hair Recolors by Neonpeche

Lou Hair for Girls by JosieSimblr

Juliet Hair by Pxelboy

Ayden Hair Recolors by Starkknaked

Weathered Wooden Roof Recolors by Kyootxims

Nightrunner Hair Clayified by BowlOfPlumbobs

Blush by GrassySimmer