Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Living Mannequin Mod 1.0 by G1G2

So it is the 17th sims anniversary so i thought i would bring back some nostalgia from the older sims games particularly the sims 2 so here this mod/costume make the mannequins alive.

  • -the mannequins are a costume found in face paint available from toddlers to to elders.
  • -the other part is a trait without adding them Mannequins are like any normal sims
  • -the trait is available for all age and its under life style.
  • -the trait makes your mannequins needless they don't need to eat nor sleep or dispose or shower etc.
  • -the trait also with buffs that are related to mannequins like "lacking life"
  • "what am i" and "how life feels like" images down in spoilers.
  • -the trait will make sims having them super great if they are npc working in a retail store or if they have a "teen retail" as a part time job.

1 comment:

  1. i have the trait by the skin not showing up in the face paint! HOW??