Saturday, January 21, 2017

Electronics Build Table and Electronics by Leniad's Cupboard

Table to Craft Custom Electronics
Similar function to my Woodwork Custom Furniture N Toys Menus mod, this is a separate object that only creates electronics. Functionality is based on the woodworking table and shares the animations and a resource – but this is a stand-alone object.

Custom Electronics to make the table function are in separate downloads added as they become available.
The separate downloads of electronics are EA clones (recolors, but not actually recolored)

Requires: Custom Electronics to function in game

Electronics Build Table
---Functions as the woodwork table, except produces custom electronics.

Requirement :
-- Custom Electronics must be added to Mods folder for menu to appear in game.
--Sim MUST have at least Handiness level 1 to display any menus ( there are no electronics with level 0)

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