Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Writer Work from Home by NoelleBellefleur

I made my first mod that enables the "work from home" option for the writer career. Working from home has the same mechanism that came with City Living careers. You will get a notification 1 hour before work where you can choose from sending your sim to work, working from home or taking PTO. Then you get two assignments if you choose the "work from home" option. Most of the assignments are the same as other careers' (social media, critic, activist), but there are some new tasks, especially after choosing a branch for your sim.

Below there are a few examples of the daily assignments.

Writer (before choosing a branch) career assignments
improving writing skill
reading books
visiting different neighborhoods

Author career assignments
improving writing and logic skills
writing books
reading books
publishing books

Journalist career assignments
taking photos at different venues
interviewing sims
visiting festivals
rummaging bins for information
writing articles

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