Thursday, February 2, 2017

Child Vampire Manifestation by jerrycnh

Dipper's Child Vampire Overhaul Mod
Version 0.7.0 Alpha

Are you tired of little vampires who don't feel like little vampires? Toss on this mod and they'll be the same foul blood-sucking plasma-sucking fiends as the rest of 'em!

Patch Notes:

Version 0.7
Released 1/30/17 (Figures I'd crack it right after releasing 0.5.2)
Vampire Children can now feed on the living. Tastes like chicken!
Human Children, conversely, can now be victims of vampire bites. It looks particularly gruesome when an adult vampire feeds on one, because where they'd normally grab an adult victim's waist, instead they wind up wringing the kid's neck.
Vampire children can turn others into vampires, and human children can be turned.
Vampire children can now practice Dark Meditation.
Vampire children can drink cocktails of sun resistance, as well as the vampire cure. Hey, it may be alcoholic, but it's also life and (un)death.
Fake vampire wannabes now come in all ages from Child through Adult.
Vampire children can now get vampire-related whims.
Known Issues: As Below.

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