Sunday, January 15, 2017

Pyromaniac Trait - Start Fires by nl_alexxx

Mod description
This mod adds the Pyromaniac trait to the Sims 4.

Basically Sims with this trait have the same "Start Fire" as Angry ghosts who died from fire. Additionally they react differently to fire, by getting a happy buff instead of a tense one. They can't get hurt by fire (had to be done since otherwise they will catch on fire after starting one), or singed, and will get a sad buff when fires are put out.

On top of this pyromaniacs also have whims to light / purchase a fireplace, and start a fire. There's also an extra buff that is given by a fireplace.

I might make a different version of this mod later that will override a setting that prevents fires on certain lots, so fires can be started on every lot type, if there is enough demand. Or I might seperate them as they can work independently.

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