Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Loser Trait by Thedarkgod

"These Sims have a harder time succeeding in life than other Sims, be it at work or in school. Losers also gain experience more slowly and have a harder time establishing relationships."

Not every Sim is a winner, for someone to win someone else has to lose, and that someone is the Loser. Losers are worse at their jobs, worse at school, and worse at socializing. The only redeeming trait that they have is that they get Angry more seldom than others, since their lives are already a mess.
The Loser is the born underdog of the society.

The trait is loosely inspired by the Trait of the same name from The Sims 3. The Trait has been toned down quite a lot from my original concept to not impact playability, but if someone would like a more extreme version of the Trait for the sake of challenge just say the word.

Whims include:
Win a Game of Chess
Win a Card Game
Win a Game of Horseshoes

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