Thursday, April 16, 2015

Cultured Vampire Custom Trait by calinselene

Not all vamps are alike, so I'm creating a few different types, starting with this one.

This trait creates a cultured, Snobbish, Creative, and Romantic vampire. They love art, music and beautiful surroundings, and are Neat and Perfectionist and Self Assured.

Their base emotion is Flirty and they are never Dazed or Embarrassed.

Hunger, Bladder, Hygiene, Energy all decay slower, while Social decays quite a bit faster and Fun a little bit faster.

These vamps build friendships very quickly and their relationships decay slower.

They gain all skills a bit faster, but the creative skills (musical instruments, writing, painting and photography) are gained a great deal faster. Charisma is also gained twice as fast as normal sims. Mischief gains 1.5x faster as does Logic.

Most Whims are Creativity, Romance, Social or Logic based.

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