Friday, April 7, 2017

More Buyable Venues by LittleMsSam

What i added so far:

Venues you can buy:

How to buy a public Venue:
You can buy those Venues via the "More buyable Venues" PC

What can you do on those Venues:
Transfer Money from and to Household
Build on Lot with your own Money
Earn Money

How to earn Money (Does not work on residential lots):
With the buyable Computer or Cash Register. Like my Freelancer Mod, these will let you collect Money every 24 hrs. Like the Freelancer Mod the outcome is random and depends on your charisma level
Bartending. When Sims order a drink you will get a random Money loot no matter if you are the bartender or a NPC

What's on my to do List for this mod:
Adding more Venues
Adding Money Loot to ExpressoBar for Cafes
Adding Money Loot for Entertainment like Bowling Lane, KaraokeBar

What you also need to know:
This mod is based on the retail store xmls from Get to Work as deep as possible without scripting. The functions of the retail store don't work on other lots than the real retail store
All Venues still have their individuell behavier, nothing was changed there
If you use this mod, delete the Freelancer Mod pls

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