Thursday, December 15, 2016

Amorous Terrace Set by Simspirashun

TS2 and TSM Castle Conversions by ZxTa

Most Adult Skills Unlocked for Child Sims by Zerbu

This mod unlocks almost* all (*all except Bartending) skills for Child Sims when they max respective Child skills.

This mod makes all adult skills available for Child Sims once they’ve maxed out specific child skills. If you have Go to School, they can study any adult skill online, or have another Sim pass on knowledge through the various new social interactions. They can also build the Fitness skill by playing basketball. There may be other interactions that work that I’m not aware of.

Frayed Hem Boot Cut Jeans by JS Sims 4

Old's Kool Lighting from TS3 by TheJim07

Large Duffel Bag and Hovering Prop Version with Poses by Confetti

TS2 Trench Coat Conversion by SimSerenity

Home Cafeteria Dining Set by Simcredible

Director's Chair and Projection Screen by 13Pumpkin31

Lamborghini Aventador J by LorySims

Silent Hill 4: Water Prison by Mimoto

Chapi & Chapo Toys and Stamp Collection by Sandy

Gingerbread House and Decor by JomSims

Skinny Jeans by Minc78

Christmas Dinner Set by Inabadromance

adfly + Alternate

Baroque Wallpaper by ChillisSims

Hairs for Males by BlogSimpleSimmer

MJ95's Madlen Sentifano Boots

1230 Pepperjax Court - No CC by HarleyQuinn