Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Contemporary Rugs by Vonndasun

Piercings Set for Males & Females by TokSik

Daisy Lane Victorian by Ruth Kay

The Plum Fern Plant Pots by K-Hippie

Alesso Galactic Hair for Females

Liberated Fences 2 by plasticbox

Rugs by ForTheLoveOfSims

Health Nut Trait by Lesbisim

Health Nut sims are fanatical about eating healthy and keeping fit. You can expect these sims to feel Energized by default thanks to a great diet and constant working out, and they’ll love planting organic vegetables, catching organic fish, preparing healthy meals and working out. Health Nut sims cannot have the Lazy or Glutton traits.

Hair Retextures by NessaSims

Steve7859 White Window Recolors by Stephen7859

Wine & Misc Clutter Recolors by Inabadromance

Dolce & Gabbana Pre-Spring 2015 by Jean

This and more

Bed Recolors by EmbarrasseSims4

Kiara24 Choice and Braiding Hair for Females