Thursday, November 3, 2016

Milton Living Room Set by Pyszny

Bomber Jackets by Ooobsooo

City Living Beds Separated by WMS

Indoor Plants by NewOne

Forward Flick Hair for Males by XLDSims

TSM Sword Conversion by Historical Sims Life

TS2 Scandic Dining Set by Michelleab

Updated - The Sims 4: Fashion Career Mod by BrittPinkieSims

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug that stopped your Sim from staying home when taking a vacation day.  Now your Sims can properly take time off work when the fashion world gets too hard (and they can also call in “fake sick” when their boss is really starting to get on their nerves ;))
Fixed a bug that kept the “Write Negative Article” interaction from showing up on the computer for the Fashion Journalist career.  Write negative articles if you want, but don’t be surprised if your Sims’ friends get mad ;)
Fixed a typo in regards to the Daily Task for the Fashion Journalist career- you should write 3 articles to complete the task and not 2 (technically it’s about 2.5 articles to reach 100%- you can either finish the 3rd article, or stop the interaction mid-way).
Fixed an issue which could cause your Sim to go to work at the wrong time of day if you’re also using time speed changes with McCommand Center.  The issue has been sorted out now; there should be no conflicts between McCommand Center and Fashion Career now :)

It’s finally here: my first custom career, the Fashion Career!

This game play mod includes:
The ability to join a new career in game: Fashion Career
The ability to later branch off to one of three branches: Model, Fashion Journalist or Designer.
Tons of custom interactions
Custom whim to join the Fashion Career if your Sims have skills in painting or charisma
Tons of custom moodlets
Custom career tones (actions) which your Sims can do while at work
Custom “chance cards” which will give your Sims a positive or negative work boost depending on your answer!
Models can practice modelling in the mirror

Skull Candle by ThePlumbobArchitect

Punk Jacket and Vest by BlahberryPancake

Autumn Breeze Hair by Cazy

Update -Call Anytime + Relationship Mod by Scumbumbo by catalina_45

Found an issue on Call_anytime_chat longer and CallAnytime_ChatLonger+GainLoseRelationship  -rebuild 01/11/2016 -please redownload...sorry.

Seeing that the creator is absent for a long time, I have decided to update its version for patch 1.24 (oct 2016)
It is possible that this update to be here on a temporary basis if the creator will return
If he will be back, this thread will be deleted.

I don't know what the future would bring
Posting this update I didn’t want to offend the creator, I wanted only help the players.

The following flavors remain the same as the original mod:

-CallAnytime - Enables using the phone to chat or invite sims over at any time, day or night.
-CallAnytime_ChatLonger - As above, but phone chats will last longer (from 15 to 60 minutes).
-CallAnytime_ChatLonger+GainRelationship - As above, but while chatting your relationship level will go up (if they don't dislike you and only up to a limit)
-CallAnytime_ChatLonger+GainLoseRelationship - As above, but the relationship will go down for sims that are disliked

Tile Floors by TheMalle

Magdalena Romantic Lace Shirt by Trillyke

Hair Retextures by BlahberryPancake

- 2 -

Pictogram Tees by RebelCreators

La’ Diosa Hair by SimplifiedSimi

City Planter Resized by LittleCakes

Cardigans and Stockings by Thisissimtastic

City Outfit Recolors by Annett