Monday, March 23, 2015

Bistro Set by JoolsSimming

Built-In Ovens & Counter Stove Tops by 13Pumpkin31

Japanese Dresser, Stereo and Clutter Set by Simplestudio404

6 New Traits by Zerbu

» Boring

These Sims barely need any Fun, but they build relationships very slowly and can never be Playful.

» Collector

These Sims love to explore the world and collect stuff, which sways them into all sorts of emotions.

(Whenever a Collector picks up a collectible, they will receive a random Moodlet, each with its own effects as well as increasing an emotion)

» Crazy Party Sim

These Sims are Playful by default and build relationships faster, but their Fun needs decay at double the speed and they tend to get headaches when forced to be Focused.

(When a Crazy Party Sim is “Focused”, they have a chance of getting the “Headache” Moodlet which may switch them to “Uncomfortable”; whether they switch or not, their Mental skills will increase slower when they have this Moodlet)

» Fast

These Sims are able to craft objects at twice the speed, but can never be Focused and tire faster.

» Inconsistent

These Sims tend to become very serious or very playful at unpredictable moments.

(Inconsistent Sims randomly get one of two random Moodlets at times, one which makes them playful and the other which makes them serious)

» Swimmer

Not only do these Sims gain the “Relaxing Swim” Moodlet quicker, but it is stronger and Sims’ Fun needs will decay slower while they have it. The “Splashy Fun” Moodlet is also stronger.

Nightcrawler Turn It Up Hair for Females

Paula Living Set by Mango Sims

Grocery Store Items Part 2 by SerialSimmer

Earrings - 22 Colors for Males & Females by MichaelaP

Mutske's SF Modular Window Set

TS2 to TS4 - Chimerical's Boxes Conversions by WhereAreMySims

Giuseppe Zanotti Spring-Summer 2015 Sandals by MrAntonieddu

Rustic Living Set by SimsAlachie

Ceiling Smoke Alarm by Mr S