Saturday, November 12, 2016

Azure Cropped Jeans by SerenityCC

Christmas Decor by SweetCaffeine

Falsting Laundry Set by JomSims

Sequined Silk Turtleneck Dress by Rusty Nail

Cinnamon Cafe and Market by Alex Pilgrim

CliveC Decorative Bedroom Closet by ShinoKCR

Stackable Rubik's Cube by Confetti

Hair Retextures by BlahberryPancake

Hoshi-Ryokan Spa by Zzz-Danaya

Ryleigh Dress by WMS

Separated Soleis Blouse by WeepingSimmer

adfly + Alternate

Five Year Septum Ring by Pickypikachu

City Living Double Futon (Truly Used) by VentusMatt

Industrial Rusty Metal Floors by Tatschu

Pixie, Rosie and Perrie Hair by SpectralCat