Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Three New Hair Conversions for Females by David Sims

Studded Pocket Distressed Denim Jeans for Females by NyGirl

Pool Party Social Event Mod by Zerbu

POOL PARTIES ARE HERE! I bring to you a mod that adds a brand new Social Event type to the game. We have pools, so why not pool parties?

Pool Party is cloned from House Party. Sims will show up to Pool Party events in their swimwear, and the main goal is to splash Sims.

You can throw a Pool Party on a community lot, as well as your home lot or the lot of one of your guests. Have a community pool, resort or other venue containing a pool? Pick up the phone to organize your party!

Public Library, Post Office & Yeo Snacks by Sims In Spring

Nika V Sweet Face Skin by Missfortunesims

The Sims 4: Pools Official Trailer

Thanks SimsVIP

Princess Highway Pajamas for Teen - Elder Females by DearDaisySims

Despair Female Lipstick and Unisex Facepaint by Notegain

Denim Tops Collection for Females by BellesSimblr

24 Maxis Match Hair Recolors by WispSims

142 Black Clothing and Shoes Recolors by 111431134

Matte Lips for Males by NewOne

Seamless Brick Walls by DearDaisySims

DOT's Pot Ceiling Lamp Set

CustSimsContent Emo Hair for Females

Clothing for Adult & Elder Females by Inabadromance

Spring Road by Oldbox

I Love Dogz Wallpaper by Nicolas Lavigne

The Sims 4 - Sims 2 Aging as Default by MissChevus

I made the mod for my own personal use because I always prefered the
life stage lengths in Sims 2 over any other sims game.

What this mod does:
This mod changes the ages in the "normal" lifespan to match sims 2 aging.
Here are the details:

Baby: 3 days
Child: 8 days
Teen: 15 days
YA: 24 days
Adult: 29 days
Elder: 10 days

Baby: 2 day
Child: 4 days
Teen: 8 days
YA: 12 days
Adult: 15 days
Elder: 5 days

Baby: 6 days
Child: 16 days
Teen: 30 days
YA: 48 days
Adult: 58 days
Elder: 20 days

Striped Wallpaper by Fuyaya

David Sims Classic Long Hair Retexture by Liahxsimblr

JulieJ Male Left Parted Hair Made Higher