Wednesday, August 12, 2015

TS3 Marcussims91 Dover Bedroom and Kaleco Living Room Set Conversions by DreamTeamSims

TS2 Kativip Library Set Conversion by HistoricalSimsLife

Strapless Summer Dress by Kedluu

SIMcredible!'s Summer Illusion Outdoor Set

Kiara24 CKS Long Flipped Hair Conversion for Girls

Denim Flares / Flare Jeans by SleezySlakkard

EA Male Hair Converted for All Ages and Genders and Erica Hair for Females

House Loft Bed by Chisami

Ribbon Belt Denim Dress by Marigold

12 Plaid Shirts by Lazyowlette

GTW Beanie Recolors by KiaraRawks

Eye Shadow by Simsphora

rRaizon Mordecai Hair Recolors by StandardHeld

Original creator deleted their tumblr again so this will be deleted unless the mesh becomes available.

R13 Fabriek Bedroom & 7-17 Living Conversions by LindseyxSims

Skysims 089 Hair for Females

Skin Blend for Males & Females by Madmono

Castaway Wallpaper by Lightfire

Polaroids and Postcards by SimmingWithAbbi